Katica Guest House

Sümeg is located at the foot of the Bakony Hills, 20 km from Lake Balaton. The fairy-tale like Castle welcomes visitors from a distance.

The Katica Guest House can be found in the most beautiful part of the town, opposite the Castle, in a peaceful environment. There is a splendid view of the Castle from the House.

It provides excellent opportunities for groups of friends and families to have a great holiday.

On an area of 90 m2, the apartment has 3 bedrooms, a living-room & dining-room, a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom with new equipment and a small garden.

The rooms are double rooms and there is enough room for another 2 guests in the living-room. The rooms are non-smoking. Each of them has a television set. Free parking is available.

Guests can also go horse-riding or for a carriage ride.


well-equipped kitchen, free parking, horse-riding, carriage ride, non-smoking rooms, garden, television set in the rooms