Hubertus Forest School

Kindergarten and school groups as well as groups of friends are welcome all year round to take part in various programmes organised to improve environmental-awareness on the western slope of Mt. Kab, surrounded by Turkey oak and beech woods. The Sárcsikúti Educational Path, which is 4 km long, starts from the Forest School. Here the formation of the South Bakony Region and Mt. Kab as well as forest management activities and forest life are demonstrated. The bedrooms with 17 or 13 beds have a separate lavatory, shower and toilet, while a separate room with a bed is available for accompanying teachers in each room. Accommodation is free of charge for the accompanying staff. The accommodation charge includes the bed linen and covers and the costs of washing. A common room and a kitchenette are also available for groups in the building. There is a kitchen with cooking facilities in the Forest School. Here meals are served 5 times a day, upon request. There are two classrooms (equipped with video equipment, slide projector, demonstration tools, episcope) available for visitors.


well-equipped classrooms, bedrooms with a separate lavatory, kitchenette, video, DVD player, computer, kettle-cooking in the garden with cooking facilities, playground, football pitch, balls, ping-pong table