Balaton Uplands Forest School

Environmental-conscious education is provided in the territory of the Forest School, facilitated by the outdoor activity area, the Old Beech Educational Pathway and the high-stands. There are numerous opportunities to spend time in a meaningful way: barbecue, playground, football pitch, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong equipment. The Forest School aims at helping children extend their knowledge and constantly get new impressions in a natural environment. In addition to classroom activities, there are a lot of other opportunities for various programmes, for example, completing the Old Beech Educational Pathway under the guidance of an expert.

With the involvement of professionals, the opportunity is given to revive ancient crafts, such as pottery, felting, bread-making, textile-processing and paper production as handicraft classes, as well as archery, astronomy and air-gun shooting as historical and scientific activities.

Hiking tours (Nagyvázsony, Kapolcs), cycling and bus tours (Káli Basin, Tapolca Basin, Tihany Peninsula) are organised, during which the natural, historical and cultural sights of the region as well as the major attractions of the Balaton Uplands National Park are also visited.

Accommodation capacity:

  • 26 people in the main building
  • 8 people in the educational building
  • 15-20 people in the forester’s house
  • 10 extra beds
  • 2 military tents (8-10 people)
  • tent sites


  • in a stone building with central heating
  • on bunk-beds + extra beds
  • hostel building: - rooms, dining-room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet
  • 2 rooms for 6 people (+1 extra bed to each)
  • 3 rooms for 4 people (+1 extra bed to each)
  • double room for accompanying staff
  • educational building: rooms, classroom, bathroom, toilet
  • room for 6 people
  • double room
  • forester’s house: rooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet


The Forest School provides education, accommodation, washing opportunities and meals. The dining-room can be found in the hostel building that offers accommodation for up to 38 people. The rooms are for 4 to 6 people. There is a shower with a toilet in the hostel building. In the educational building, a well-equipped classroom, which can seat 25-30 people, is available for visitors: technical books, microscopes, insect inspection tools, magnifiers, TV, VCR, DVD, photocopy machine, etc.. An activity room is available for handicraft and heritage club classes in a separate building.